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Workplace Repetitive strain Injuries


already this year!!






Physical Work Creates Muscle Tension.

Tension Creates Imbalance.

Imbalance Creates Injury.

We help you prevent injuries before they happen

Weekly onsite therapy done in uniform can lower clinic visits significantly

Employees are treated on the job.


  • Reduce Clinic Visits
  • Reduce Workers Compensation claims
  • Reduce Insurance costs
  • Reduce Lost Time


  • Watch Efficiencies Sky Rocket!


Therapists are Nationally Certified and carry 2 million in their own Insurance.

Programs are not Intrusive.  Often 1-2 days per week for a few hours each day.



We hold employees responsible by teaching them how to keep pain from returning and addressing the proper ways to move while performing their job.



Our therapists work with your company to save you time, money, hassle and your safety reputation!!

Call to speak with Corrine for information

on HOW this program can work FOR YOUR COMPANY!


Corrine Foster LMT

Certified In Therapeutic Massage

8 Years on-site experience

(734) 717-1332


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