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A little Info:
What to expect in your massage session.

Give as much information as possible, massage can effect many medical conditions.

Tell your therapist of any injuries or areas you would like to focus on.


Your type of massage will dictate attire.  Generally sports, ortho,  and stretching will require comfortable clothing.  Other types of massage will require that you undress.


On the occasion  that you are asked to undress, it is always to your comfort level;  leaving your underwear on (this is company policy and will not be debated).  You will lay under sheets and blanket in the manner instructed by the therapist.
Only the area being worked on will be exposed, one area at a time.

During your massage you should relax and breathe, this allows a better response from your body.
Remember, this is your massage and you should communicate openely with your therapist regarding pressure and discomfort to ensure your massage is everything you want it to be. 

Deep Tissue: In some cases the pressure will be uncomfortable when working in an area of adhesion or "on a knot".  This should be expected and will be made easier with proper breathing.  However discomfort should not EVER cross over into pain and you should inform your therapist if this happens.


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