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Pain and Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Pain and tension can be due to shortened muscle groups, adhesions, and scar tissue which creates an imbalance in the body. 


Massage therapy can help reverse postural and muscular imbalances so that your pain will fade, and not return.  This modality is our specialty, and techniques are mixed to provide deep and yet comfortable change.

We commonly treat clients for back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, neck pain, forearm/hand and carpal tunnel pain.  We also work with strength trainers  and physical therapists across Michigan, Florida and the Boston area in treating sports injuries, provides sports massage to prevent injury and to assist in treatment of traumatic spinal injuries and recovery.  


Common pain can come from the position you work in, the way you carry your purse or wallet, old injuries your body has yet to completely recover from, and many other things.  Often times pain is the last symptom and doesn't appear until the imbalance is well developed. 


ATHLETES!!  If you are suffering from a sports related injury please see our page specific to athletes of all levels: Sports Massage.






Let us Balance you out, so you can stop compensating and end pain for good!

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