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"Before seeing Corrine, stretching and the importance of flexibility was unheard of to me. Constantly skipping stretches because they "hurt" and I did not see the need for them.  I (had) suffered from a herniated disc and a slightly torn ligament in my lumbar area from doing back squats. After healing, the pain I still had in my lower back was unbearable. Luckily enough I found Corrine, and after one visit she made it clear that I was one of the least flexible athletes she's ever worked on and was told that the pain in my back was caused by my hamstrings and other muscles being so tight. Shortly after my visits I was pain free for the first time in years. She also has taught me how to take care of the pain during season when I am not able to see her. The work she has done on my body has increased my flexibility and has taught me how to prevent further injuries during the grind of the hockey season."

Nicholas Boka

Minnesota Wild

University of Michigan



"I play a position in sports that can sometimes lead to over use of one side. That happened to me and with that came a lot of pain and discomfort. Corrine was knowledgeable and skilled enough to not only rid me of pain but also balancing my body encouraging optimal performance.”

Pat White, Quarterback

West Virginia University '08



"All it took was one visit with Corrine before I was hooked. She knows what she’s talking about and goes the extra mile in every aspect of her work. She has helped with my imbalances and has taught me how to maintain my body’s strength pre, post, and in-season.”

Niko Porikos

University of Michigan Hockey



"Corrine is one talented massage therapist. I have chronic muscle tension in my neck and shoulders and one visit to Corrine brings back full movement in my neck and arms just a few hours after I leave. I call my massages the good hurt - not the most relaxing massage, but enough pressure that I'll feel amazing the next day... Corrine knows what to watch for and adjusts the pressure before I even have to ask, so you absolutely can't go wrong!"

Jenna M.

Livonia, MI



"After I started working with Corrine several months ago I have seen a significant reduction in pain and a substantial improvement in my flexibility. As result I have been able to increase my activity level, while reducing the level of medication.  My only regret is that I didn't start working with Corrine sooner."

Bob K.
Canton, Michigan

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