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Angela Rodgers

Sports & Therapeutic Massage


Angela has been doing massage for just over a year, focusing on helping active individuals and weekend warriors with tension, aches and pains.  Her focus is to increase range of motion, balance structural and positional imbalances and reduce tension in your body while educating you on how it got there and what you can do to keep it away.

Angela is an avid hiker, gym addict, accomplished lifter of heavy things and has been a client of therapeutic bodywork for 15 years.  All things that make her ability to help others that much greater.

Angela is currently learning the neurological role in the release of tension, and increasing her abilities in active release and sports techniques.

In the future Angela would like to add Lymphatic drainage and Myofascial release to her skillset.

Corrine Foster

Customized Sports Therapy

Ryan Lamarre, center fielder

16 years in practice


Corrine has worked with more than 200 professional level athletes from the

NHL, MLB, NFL, and more.



Corrine is currently ONLY working with youth, college and professional athletes,

please see Angela for all other needs.




  • Pitchers and throwing athletes
  • Baseball, Hockey, Football
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Rotational athletes




Specialty Education Including:


  • Upper Extremity (Shoulder) - Elite Baseball Mentorship

             - Cressey Sports Performance

  • Ortho Assessment/Treatment of the Low Back & Shoulder
  • Ortho Massage for Sports injuries
    • Pelvic Stabilization, S.I. joint pain, groin sprains
    • ACL sprains, Lateral ligmaent sprains, shin splints
  • Postural Assessment & Body Balancing
  • Fertility Massage Specialist - Nurturing the Mother, holistic assisted fertility treatments
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